Do I need a Firearms License (PAL) in order to shoot at the Wascana Pistol Club?

At this time yes.

Can I take my leftover ammo home?

If you have your Firearms License (PAL) and are transporting the ammo according to Federal Gun Law then you may absolutely take your ammo home with you. If you do not have your Firearm License (PAL), then all ammo must be retained and shot at the range.

What if this is the first time shooting at the club?

All new shooters at the club are required to attend a full orientation on safety procedures, as well as how to handle & operate the firearms that are available. Come down by 7:00pm on any Tuesday or Thursday night, and there is generally a whole group of new shooters that you can join in beside, and learn with. Please see the Info for New Shooters page

How much does it cost?

The cost to participate is only $50/person (taxes included). This price includes the $40 range fee, firearm rental, and ear & eye protection, 50 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition, and targets.
For our full price chart, please see our Prices page.

What sort of ammunition is allowed for use at the Wascana Pistol Club?

1) Lead or plated bullets only (no jacketed, half jacketed or gas checked bullets). If you have questions, ask anyone on the executive for clarification.

2) Smokeless powder loads only. (No black powder or black powder substitutes.) The air filtration system is not capable of filtering the smoke generated and BP and substitutes can generate embers that represent a fire hazard.

Who can I contact about booking group events at the Wascana Pistol Club?

We are not taking bookings for private events at this time.

Can I help out in any way?

If you are looking for something to do on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and you have your restricted firearms license, come down and volunteer.

Where is the Wascana Pistol Club located?

The club is located at 190 Winnipeg Street North, Regina.